Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

Welcome to our FAQ’s page where you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions.
  • Who is Steve Linder?

    Steve Linder is a true “rags to riches” success story of having gone from being fired as a waiter to leading large organizations for multiple Fortune 100 Wall Street firms in just a few years. While working his way to the top of many corporate ladders, he spent years volunteering his time and talents helping Anthony Robbins as both a Trainer and Crew Director – learning new tools and distinctions from hundreds of interactions with individuals from around the world. He has delved deep into the neurosciences for well over a decade to not just learn the various tools, but HOW and WHY they worked. His approach is strategy-based instead of “tool based” because without understanding the right strategy for progress, tools are ineffective.

    While teaching only 3-4 times a year internationally, Steve is NOT a seminar speaker parroting what’s been spoken for years in the personal development industry – Steve is actively using the various tools he now teaches while still conducting extensive research using the latest technologies. Steve is a true educator spending the majority of his working with clients ranging from multi-billion dollar executives and military leaders to top medical professionals and business owners.

    He is known world-wide as a Master Trainer in NeuroStrategies and NLP. His current passions are focused on developing programs to assist families and service personnel from militaries around the world, programs for parents and educators of today’s children, and helping those who are currently unemployed.

  • What is NLP?

    NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming – the effect of language on our nervous system. It’s typically described as a bunch of tools (many of which are very powerful). The real key is to know when to use the tools and HOW they work so that you can use bits and pieces of various tools to best serve your client. Traditional NLP makes people memorize specific tools, but does not allow for flexibility. Most people and challenges don’t have their challenges “by the book”, so Steve’s teaching style mixes both instruction in the tools coupled with real-life experience of working with thousands of people and businesses.

  • What is the Online Essentials program?

    Here is how it works and what’s included in the Online Essentials Program:

    •  Over 30 videos of in-depth classroom content – You’ll receive your own login ID for the online program. Steve will be releasing new content over time, updating and adding as SRI moves forward. This is done to keep the site fresh and updated with the latest technologies and strategies. We had a few delays in the beginning because some students in certain countries pay high-fees for watching large videos online – so we’ve researched and found AMAZING compression technology allowing for faster downloads with less data being transferred, but keeping the same great video technology.
    • 1 year continued access to the online content from the day you first receive your log-in details – so that you have the opportunity to get the latest distinctions and updates as they are released.
    • Night-time Audio content – that you can load onto your mp3 player and listen to while to you sleep to condition the content into your unconscious mind. Steve used this same technique to graduate at the top of his Trainer’s Training and wants to make sure you are completely set up to win. This will reinforce the unconscious learning process. Steve has typically done this at the end of the day in class and one time created a custom recording for a student that was having a hard time absorbing the content. It made a huge difference for this student, so Steve decided to give this same gift to the entire class.
    • Access to recorded webinars and an opportunity to attend many of the live webinars held throughout the year.
    • We also offer you the option to apply the tuition you invested in the Essentials program toward your tuition for the live Neurostrategist class. This offer must be taken advantage of within the year of your membership to the online Essentials Program.
  • What is the NeuroStrategies program?

    Neurostrategist is where you take the Essentials Program Tools and framework and begin to apply them in more complex ways.  This gives the students a much greater understanding and command of the tools and technologies.  After the Neurostrategist Certification Training Steve often comments that he’d put his graduates up to a challenge that most NLP trainers would find too daunting to handle.  It’s not all about tools, but about the rapport, approach, and feeling that the clients have before, during, and after the interaction.  SRI has often received “fan mail”, not from students, but from those our students have helped.  This is how SRI has been growing and gaining a strong international reputation at the world-leader in NeuroSciences training.

  • What is the Master Strategist program?

    The Master Strategist is the advanced level of Neuro Linguistic Programming.  At Master Strategist, you will experience the highest level of training where Steve presents situations and the class literally creates the very same advanced NLP and NeuroStrategy tools – not by memorizing, but by having mastered the tools – they create the tools based on need.  This also helps students develop an incredible sense of both freedom and flexibility in that there is no “right or wrong” but rather looking at the “pros and grows” of each approach.  This course is also highly experiential.  Over the years and from around the world, our students have raved about the impact Master Strategist has had in their businesses, relationships, health, finances, and overall ability to positively influence/empower others, and also in themselves as well.

  • Will any programs/classes be held over seas? When?

    Yes, we hold events in Europe and Australia as well as other Continents. Refer to the event page for any information, details and dates. If nothing is posted; we do not have any dates set at the moment and check back later for any updates.

  • Will I learn how to apply this is other areas of my life?

    YES, everything Steve teaches is designed to be cross-contextual (it will apply to nearly every context/area of your life).  Often challenges in one area of life are solved in another area – assuming you know how the neurostrategies/challenges and solutions are constructed and executed.

  • Is this something I can use to help my clients?

    Yes, it will help you help your client help themselves, through your insight and empowerment.  Neither Steve nor SRI endorses the practice of making your clients “dependent” on you to sustain their lives.  If your clients come back to you, it should be to continued growth, NOT to keep resolving the same issue over and over.  Steve’s accelerated and inductive teaching styles will “pass through” our students and on to your clients – enabling your clients to become active participants in their own growth, and not “at the effect” or dependent on you their emotional well-being.

  • Is this going to help me help other people?

    This will definitely help you better understand both why other people do what they do and HOW they create their model of the world – allowing you to better connect and serve them.  While most of the world is interested in labeling people and their behavior, understanding their NeuroStrategies will allow you to understand the structure of how people create their reality, their driving needs, values hierarchy, and thinking systems.  This will help you NOT achieve your outcomes for them (through YOUR model of the world), but help you help them achieve their desired outcomes on both attainable and long-term sustainable basses.

  • Is there going to be a community?

    Yes, we have both live communities (momentum groups) and online communities for our students to connect.  The power of peer groups is something we’ve believed in for years and Steve often surprises different groups around the world (sometimes flying 13 hours overnight to Europe to surprise a momentum group during their meeting and delivering new content, then flying home) – while we think he’s trying to rack up more airline miles, he really does it to show his commitment to his students’ ongoing learning.  Once you enroll, we encourage our students to enroll in the online community and start connecting with their fellow SRI classmates.

  • “I don’t know if I can invest that much money right now.”

    We often offer a 2 or 3-pay  financing to spread the payments out over time as long as the tuition is paid in full before the event. We try to make sure everyone has an opportunity to learn, we are more than happy to talk to people individually as well to see if we can help them to be able to attend.  This allows students to secure their spot in the course and begin their online training right away. We also will apply the tuition you have invested into the online Essentials program to your tuition for the Neurostrategies class.

  • “It’s a lot of money…”

    Out of curiosity, it’s a lot of money compared to what?  When our graduate students look back at their tuition and look at the true PRICE of NOT having received this material, they find it was not only well-worth the investment, but that it has added a multiple of the tuition to their lives, business, etc.  Most often times, when people cite the tuition as what is stopping them, it’s often that they don’t feel they are worth the investment on an unconscious level.  Over the years, we’ve had many people attend these courses where it was a true stretch for them financially.  After the course, they’ve found that they’ve been able to apply their skills and not only earn the tuition back, but they wonder why they didn’t take the course earlier.

  • Is there a guarantee? A money back guarantee?

    Depending on how the students enrolled, SRI almost always offers a money back guarantee.  Steve and SRI guarantee the quality of the training and instruction.  If the students feels that after attending the first day of the Neurostrategies program, that it does not meet the standards and expectations that the student had when signing up, he is willing to offer a full refund of that course.  Of course, no-shows or non-attendance is not covered because the student could not assess the quality of the instruction or standards if they are not present.  Unlike most schools, SRI has never had a refund request after the first day.  We aim to make sure that we exceed all students expectations.

  • What does the live class look like in a matter of time needed each day?

    Neurostrategist Live class is 5 days, Starting from around 9am and goes until around 7-9pm at night all 5 days. We also encourage study groups in the evening with the fellow classmates in the evenings after class has been dismissed. Students have found that by doing that they are able to retain and even enhance the learning they had already gained that day.

  • What happens if I do not watch the videos?

    The videos are designed to both prepare students and to give them in-depth training before they enter the classroom environment.  Worst case scenario, the videos can be watched in just 1-2 days with no “negative implications” on ones attendance in the live program.  We’ve had students attend the course, not having watched the videos, and then watched them after each class and still passed the course.  Obviously, we’d prefer that the student watch the videos ahead of time. It will only help the student be able to absorb the content more and have their brain more open to the information that is being delivered.

  • What software do you use for the Market Psychology (DMAS) class?

    Worden Brothers TC200, and they are changing their software at the moment to better fit our service for you.  What they have unveiled already has been a HUGE step up and made it SO much simpler for you the student and Trader. We are very blessed to be working with such a great company.

  • Will there be a Market Psychology (DMAS) event in London this year?

    There is nothing scheduled as of right now. That may change and if it does we will be sure to make it known.

  • What is the time commitment for the Online Essentials course?

    The online time commitment is approximately 12-16 hours. That is just if you fly through the videos, where if you stop and take notes it could possibly take longer. This is where we recommend watching the videos as many times as you can and take copious notes while doing so. You will get back 10 fold what you put into this if you have your heart in it.

  • Is this a business course?

    This course is a course in understanding and positively influencing individuals, organizations, and yourself.  Since neurological strategies are cross-contextual (in that they can be used in many contexts of life), strategies you learn in one context (working with small teams, for example) will be easily applied to other contexts of your life.  Steve has many “open frames” where students can ask questions about specific applications of the tools and technologies.  He draws not only from his experience leading teams of hundreds of individuals in both Fortune 100 organizations and government arenas, but also from his private practice of coaching executives of both small businesses and multi-billion dollar organizations.

  • How will this benefit my business?

    The NeuroStrategist Program benefits business owners in many ways.  Most business owners attribute the training to helping with their business mindset and resiliency when challenges come up.  It also helps a businessperson better understand their client’s models of the world and how to better understand their needs. This allows the businessperson to deliver solutions with much greater precision and depth than the traditional “cookie cutter” approach.  This program is also instrumental in developing strong leadership skills, both during challenging times and in helping build and grow high-performance teams.  Over half of SRI

  • What does getting the certification do for me?

    The Certification through SRI means quite a bit in the NLP community.  Steve has tried to partner with many schools around the world.  After explaining SRI’s certification standards, every school has declined to participate – often citing that they “cannot meet the same standards” because many schools follow a “paid graduation” approach where “if you pay, you graduate” – regardless of skill level.  SRI has many hands-on and written examinations.  SRI’s teaching assists are also available before class, during lunches, breaks, and after class for individual attention.  We believe that we are often “more committed to student’s success than they are” in that we are willing to do whatever it takes to assist our students in passing – but the student needs to actively participate in their own learning as well.  If you’re looking for a “rubber stamp” or laser-printed certificate with no real meaning, there are plenty of other passive trainings out there.

  • What certification do I get at what level?

    At the NeuroStrategies Training, (upon passing) you will receive your Certification in NeuroLinguistic Programming.  At the Master Strategist Certification Training, (upon passing) you will receive you Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming and a Certificate of Completion in Hypnotherapy making you eligible for certification through the American Board of Hypnotherapy.

  • What are the certifications?

    The certification in NLP is through the American Board of NLP when you’ve completed the NeuroStrategies Training.  While many people are drawn in for the certifications, once they’ve completed the entire training, the certification pales in comparison to the actual tools and training that they’ve received.  Steve often jokes that, by the end of the training, if you had a choice to either keep the certificate or the training, everyone would rather tear up the certificate and keep the knowledge.

  • Can I just skip the Online Essentials Program and/or the NeuroStrategist class and go strait to Master Strategist?

    We appreciate that you’ve received training and certifications from other schools.  We hope you’ve been using what you’ve learned.  We’ve had many applicants to the program ask if their training/certifications with other institutions would allow them to bypass the Online Essentials Program and go right into the NeuroStrategist Training or Master Strategist Training class.  On many occasions in the past, we’ve let students bypass the Online Essentials Program/ NeuroStrategist Training and proceed directly into the NeuroStrategist/Master Strategist Training– it did not serve the students.  Our Online Essentials Program/NeuroStrategist Training covers advance framework and foundation technologies not found in any other schools.  The students who bypassed the training found themselves lost and operating under an antiquated set of assumptions of human behavior.  Steve is constantly working with new clients and the course is constantly changing in terms of new distinctions, technologies, research findings, and associated NeuroStrategies techniques.  Even SRI auditing students who have not been in the SRI environment for over two years are encouraged to re-attend the NeuroStrategist Training as well.  We offer incredible re-attend rates for SRI graduates, so it’s not a financial incentive for SRI, but more of an insurance policy that our students have the latest distinctions to best serve their clients and pass the testing requirements.

  • What is Market Psychology? (Previously known as DMAS)

    DMAS stands for the Dynamic Market Analysis System, which is the system that Steve presents his content to students around the world. We have recently changed the name of the class to Market Psychology. Steve realized one day he was not teaching stocks and show to use a certain software (even though he does it very well, and it is still a big part of the class) what he actually teaches is the human psychology of todays market.  With Steve’s extensive experiencing designing and implementing Wall Street trading systems for companies like Charles Schwab, Nations Bank, Bank of America, and E*TRADE, he combined that experience with nearly 20 years of human neurosciences experience to realize the correlations between the stock market and human psychology. He began using the system himself and then, based on demands from friends family, he began sharing his distinctions helping them mainly protect themselves by high-risk transactions and how to identify high-return, lower-risk alternatives. Many graduates of Market Psychology (DMAS) have now been producing high returns on a consistent basis… even during the worst economy the world has ever seen.