Market Psychology Live Training

Market Psychology Live Training

Knowledge is one thing – an in-person experience is something revolutionary.  SRIu’s live Market Psychology Training program will teach you more about the market, the underlying causes of stock market movement, and how to both protect yourself and anticipate opportunities before they happen.

The One System That Helps Protect You From Market Turbulence And Helps Position You For Unbelievable Results!

The DMAS™ trading system was created in 1997 by Steven Linder, a leader with proven, documented Wall Street experience developing trading systems and technology for Charles Schwab, Montgomery Securities, NationsBank, Bank of America, Electronic Investing Corporation, and E*TRADE.

His creation is a one-of-a-kind stock market trading system that provides you with a simple checklist to follow when evaluating any stock. The DMAS™ checklist is based on custom set indicators that give you a precise methodology in your decision making process.  The system was designed specifically to mitigate risk and enhance earning potential in the stock market.  With DMAS™ as your guide, gone are the days of sorting through thousands of stocks and playing the guessing game on which stocks to buy or sell.

As you already know, there are day trading and “get rich quick” schemes out there that treat investing as a game.  With information bombarding us from all directions about how to invest, it’s difficult to know whose advice to listen to or when it’s safe to take action.  From “experts” on TV to researchers who seem out of touch with reality, whom can you trust?  The DMAS™ system empowers the ultimate expert– YOU!  We will never tell you what stock to buy or sell.  We will never make commissions off of telling you when to buy or sell.
When you attend one of our worldwide DMAS™ workshops, we will provide you with the latest, cutting-edge investing methods that will offer you the protection you deserve and position you for success. Our teaching methods are interactive, fun and entertaining.  Our instructors aren’t just skilled professional “speakers” – they each have proven Wall Street experience and/or high-level accomplishments in business.  We require all of our trainers to utilize the DMAS™ system and maintain tremendous results.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced investor – the DMAS™ system is so easy to use. You’ll emerge from our workshop with a clear vision on when to buy or sell, when to go short or long, how to place an order and so much more.  Thousands of people all over the world have already learned and are successfully utilizing the DMAS™ system.  Our students’ results have gone on to blow away those of most full time brokers and, at the least, protected themselves from poor choices that could have been financially devastating.  Don’t just take our word for it… talk to any of our graduates and see how they have done!

The DMAS™ team is a group of passionate professionals dedicated to empowering others to create financial abundance in their lives.  Our mission is to create, serve, empower and contribute.

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