Master NeuroStrategist

You are an SRI certified NLP Practitioner. The next stage in your training is to become a master practitioner.


SRI’s Master Certification Training will transform your life in just 7 days!  You’ll MASTER all the core skills of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, and Time Line Therapy through a combination of fun, heart, interactive classroom exercises and team interplay.  As an added bonus, your skills will be put to the test through an inventive series of real world “stretches” – which take you outside of the classroom to utilize your skills on the spot!  Our unique approach is designed to expand your heart and mind and will open you up to countless unexpected breakthroughs!
You’ll learn to use your skills like a true artist – creating change from the heart in even more exact and refined ways:

  • How to teach the skills you’ve learned to others
  • Advanced language patterns – the small differences in communication that make the biggest difference
  • Key motivation strategies – how to eliminate internal blocks to success
  • How to clear negative emotions instantly by changing one or two key components
  • Ways to model top performance in business, sports, health, emotions, and relationships
  • How to negotiate with effectiveness in even the toughest situations
  • How to use language and emotions to help the body heal itself
  • Using body language and rapport skills to become a more dynamic and effective presenter
  • How to align values and beliefs to create more success and happiness in your life and the lives of others
  • How to deepen your intimate relationships by learning and fulfilling your partner’s “love strategy”
  • And much more!
Upcoming SRI Live Events
Master NeuroStrategist Live
November 17 - 23, 2014
Portland, OR
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