Performance Strategist Training

What is the Performance Strategist Training?

SRIu’s Performance Strategist accreditation training is an intensive 2-day training program designed to help others identify their ideal area of high-performance. This area is known by many as “the zone”, their “performance sweet spot”, and for others, as being in a state of practitioners in this field call “Flow”.

For many people, Flow feels like a path of least resistance; where you’re performing what needs to be done effortlessly and easily; and most important, you are enjoying what you’re doing because it feels incredibly natural. This leads to increase productivity, increased results, increased enjoyment; and increased connectedness across an organization.

Having worked with organizations world wide, we’ve found that many organizations suffer from poor performance, demotivated workforces, and disconnected clients. Rather than addressing symptoms on a surface-level, in looking deeper into the organization, we found many individuals and teams were not operating efficiently – they were “out of flow”.

Without knowing their strengths, they were focusing on either what had been rewarded in the past, focused on the job at hand, and tried to survive off of pure will power. This strategy is attainable short-term, but is not sustainable long-term.

The role of the Performance Strategist is to help individuals and organizations better understand their areas of strengths on an individual, team, and organizational level. This starts with fully understanding the underlying technology (based on the ancient study of I-Ching) and how to recognizing an individuals natural strengths, challenges, and identifying strategies to perform more in their flow as well as how to better interact with others in a team.

If you are a business leader, HR expert, business coach, or anyone committed to helping others “be their best”, this training is for you. After helping your first clients/team members dramatically increase their results based on their better understanding themselves and implementing the strategies you will share, you will become a highly sought after resource within your or your clients’ organizations.

From creating alignment amongst board members, executive teams, and collaborative teams of experts to your “front line” team members who interact with your clients on a daily basis, when people understand how to operate and create “flow” in their daily lives, new worlds of possibility open.

SRI University wants to help you share this gift with others by inviting you to our Performance Strategist Training.

Yes, I know that I will:

• Learn how the underlying profile technology functions;
• Understand the strategies behind our strengths and how to address areas that are out of ones’ zone or Flow;
• Be able to identify ideal roles for members of new teams;
• How to help individuals understand their core strengths and align themselves with other members of their teams;
• Be able to interpret profile results for clients;
• Improve engagement with clients, colleagues, and even friends / family by recognizing strengths instead of pointing out faults;
• Receive 3 Profile tokens to share with clients, colleagues, and others so you can help them live a better quality life both personally and professionally;
• And Much More

Performance Strategist Training 
September 27 - 28,2014
Phoenix, AZ
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