Presenter’s Training

SRI University’s Presenters Training program will not only teach you the presentation skills of the world’s greatest speakers & trainers, but will fully immerse you in the training program with an elite group of nine other Trainers.

At SRIu’s Presenters Training, you’ll learn how to communicate with your audiences’ conscious and unconscious minds at much greater depths than mere “presenting”. Not only will you overcome any fears of public speaking, but you will be able to express your ideas effortlessly and easily in any situation – from meetings and presentations to your own workshops.

This is NOT a passive program, but is designed to take you on a journey of self-discovery and how to create a presenting & training framework that you can easily adjust as needed. It’s been said “You are the power of your communication”; this will be your opportunity to completely transform your identity through your speaking and presenting skills – allowing you to add even more value in many areas of your life.

Prepare Yourself To Transform Your Life Beyond Your Expectations

Again, this is not just any program – and it is unlike any other SRI Training program. This will be your opportunity to work with Steve one-on-one to completely transform your speaking skills – and to help you communicate with your clients on all levels. The 4-day event will be just the live portion of your training. We want to set you up to win!

Performance Strategist Training 
September 27 - 28,2014
Phoenix, AZ
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