SRI Assistant Trainer Development Program

Welcome to the SRI Assists Home Page, the place where the SRI Alumni come together to serve and mentor the next gathering of future Strategists who will go out and impact their family, community and the world. There is no greater gift or satisfaction than teaching and serving others and magnifying the ripple effect of SRI graduates who are reaching out and transforming our world.

As well as the opportunity to give back to the community, being an Assist is an investment in your knowledge and application of NeuroStrategies as you stay up to date with SRI’s latest distinctions and new content.

So how do I need to show up in my life and what actions do I need to take to prepare myself to best serve future SRI students as an Assist? SRI has listed those qualifications and personal values that we look for in people fulfilling the privilege and responsibility of being an Assist at future SRI Events.

SRI Assist Qualification Requirements

  • Must have SRI certification in the event applying to Assist (minimum requirement is successful completion of Applied NLP and NeuroStrategist Certification Training and preference will be given to people who have successfully completed the SRI Master NeuroStrategist Certification Training).
  • Demonstrate practical application of NeuroStrategies.
  • Performance as an Assist at previous SRI events will be taken into consideration.
  • Involvement in the SRI community through forums, webinars and affiliate program.
  • Ability to effectively explain and demonstrate all NeuroStrategy skills for specified SRI event.
  • Master of rapport.
  • Communication flexibility.
  • Ability to give valuable and specific coaching.

SRI Assist Values

  • 100% commitment to supporting SRI Trainer and participants.
  • Integrity.
  • Respect other people’s model of the world.
  • Open and willingness to act upon coaching.
  • Commitment to accepting and following through all tasks required to support the event.
  • Timeliness (reporting at a specified time).
  • Time Flexibility (may be required to work outside of class hours).
  • High personal presentation and hygiene standards.
Upcoming SRI Live Events
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