NeuroStrategist & NLP Program Overview

Learn the “hidden coding” behind all human behavior to not only understand your friends, family, colleagues, and clients…. but to understand yourself as well.

Whether you’re a clinical or corporate psychologist, medical doctor or attorney, military leader or life coach, HR representative or any other profession where you interact with other human beings, SRI’s 3-part NeuroStrategist Program offers you an in-depth look into every aspect of human behavior.

While most psychological and neuroscience fields focus on the effects and symptomology present in both individuals and organizations, SRI is known for “diving deep” into the structure of root causes of human behavior on both the macro and micro levels.

Originally rooted in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Spiral Dynamics, and other technologies, NeuroStrategies differentiates itself on many levels.  Many behavioral change technologies focus on the tools themselves.  While there are many tools and technologies in the field, SRI teaches its students on the underlying (unconscious) strategies that drive behavior on the individual, family, and organizational levels.  SRI’s content largely comes from experience working with hundreds of individuals and organizations world-wide.

In SRI’s NeuroStrategist program, you’ll join an international community of students who are not only the top in their fields, but have a passion for helping individuals and professionals achieve performance levels once thought to be impossible.

While many NLP programs have you memorize “THE one way” how to execute any given skill, at SRIu, you will learn dozens of tools and techniques, you’ll learn the underlying structural framework so that you can adapt to the need of any situation.

SRIu is considered a “Working University” in that SRI Trainers are actively involved in successful business and social projects when they are not teaching in the classroom environment.  Each class is different and even taught by the same instructor – because the Trainers have worked with dozens of individuals and companies between classes – making numerous leading-edge distinctions along the way.

The NeuroStrategist Program consists of the following courses:

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